Young Innovators Workshop - Design Thinking for kids

Equipping the next generation with skills to tackle current and future challenges.
Students were able to understand and apply design thinking techniques, coming up with innovative solutions.

Stemming from our community mission to guide the next generation with creativity, APT811 developed a workshop for students aged youths. The workshops were held in Singapore, and focused on Design Thinking, Empathic Design, Ideation Techniques and Advertising strategies.

Through interviewing the people on the street, the students were able to understand the pain points of the common man. This was the foundation of Empathic Design, an important aspect of Design Thinking. Through understanding the pain points, the students were able to empathise with them and design solutions that would solve their issues.

Once they have identified the target group of people that they were designing for, the students were able to rapidly conceptualise multiple solutions, before using rational elimination to select the best. They prototyped the best solution in Lego, and shot a stop motion  lm demonstrating the product’s abilities. The outcome was a series of new innovations that tackled health and wellness issues from a lack of sleep to smarter living.

The Young Innovator’s Workshop nurtures the next generation to be innovative and challenging them to redesign our lives for a better future.

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