About Us

Hello, We're APT811.

It’s short for Apartment 811, which is where we started thisagency.

APT811 is a branding & innovation agency that partnersclients to solve business problems using design. We help our clients buildtheir brands by focusing on the experiential and visual communication portionsof their business.

Believing that nothing exists in a silo, we always begineach project by understanding the people involved – both staff and customers.This allows us to more easily consider the big picture for the client; and yes,we do this for all projects, no matter the size. Commitment to our craft issomething we prize at APT811.

We have crafted large-scale designs and influenced the way ourclients do business, from helping a startup creating a wholesome dog treatbrand distinguish itself amidst a crowded market to building Singapore’sidentity as a UNESCO City of Design.

Modus Operandi

Our approach and methodology
We believe in collaboration
Collaboration is the best problem-solving mechanism in ourtoolkit. We partner the client to identify the opportunity and frame theproblem, with a collection of processes for us to integrate with the clientthroughout the design process.
We uncover insights with research
Research is a fundamental process to our design approach.Through it, we understand the people who come into contact with the client brand – from stakeholders to customers and competitors, knowing them all ensures we can provide the best customised solution for their problem.
We consider the big picture
We know that different touch points of the experience makeup the entire brand. That’s why our designs never exist in a silo; we take into consideration the surrounding services and products that customers and staff come into contact with. That way, our solutions fit and build upon the entire experience.
We are proud of our designs
We ensure that the quality of our craft remains consistent with every project, no matter the request. Coupled with the processes that guide our design, we strive to make good design inside and out.

Our Expertise

Our Services and Expertise.
  • Research for Design
  • Persona Building
  • Customer Journey
  • Cultural Aesthetic Research
  • Idea Exploration
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Visioning Workshops
  • Brand Culture Alignment Workshops
  • Future Exploration Workshops
  • Current and Future Abilities Audit
  • Experience and Service Design
  • Brand Experience Audit
  • Digital Experience
  • Identity Development
  • Packaging & Editorial Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Direction
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