Central Singapore Community Development Council

Building a movement for a do good community

Inspiring the public to always stand up for the common good.
Help motivate Singaporeans to create a positive mindset around doing good regularly.
Launched a week-long #GiraffesSG campaign in the heart of the Central Business District, Raffles Place in August 2017.

The Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC) serves residents living in the Central Singapore area and envisions itself as a do-good district.

In 2015, the Central Singapore CDC initiated Giraffes Singapore, to spur Singaporeans in doing their part for the common good. This nationwide movement aims to inspire others to do good through stories of ordinary people who "stick their necks out for others".

So the Central Singapore CDC and APT811 teamed up to create #GiraffesSG, a movement to engage Singaporeans to go beyond their comfort zones to help one another right in the heart of the Financial District.

With the intent of generating curiosity from passersby at Raffles Place Park, Giraffe structures were strategically placed around the park, interacting with the environment, park tables and benches. Giraffes were seen eating at tables, leaves from the park trees and playfully borrowing a hat. The presence of giraffes provided many photo taking opportunities for the public to take photos.

A launch event was held to engage the public in participating in the GiraffesSG movement. Local samaritans, known as Giraffe heroes were honoured in an award ceremony along with activities to engage the public from ground-up.

Activities such as balloon sculpting, origami folding, writing thank you notes allow participants to pick up a takeaway, encouraging them to continue the Giraffe action in the workplace and home. With this, Central Singapore CDC hope Singaporeans can continue sticking their necks out on a regular basis for the people around them and inspire new Giraffe Heroes.

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