Helping young Singaporean adults make smarter job decisions

Designing a platform to engage the young workforce better
Help the Singapore government to engage young adults better transitioning from student to professional life.
Todo Todo, a platform that brings together a support network of the Labour Movement, businesses, grassroots and industry professionals for youths. Providing opportunities for young people to pay it forward.

Amid the economic slump, more graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to secure a permanent full-time job. With some graduates even forced to do internships or pursue further studies. Many factors influence the employment rate of graduates, such as changes in the labour market or economic conditions. To find a way to help this generation of graduates, a joint initiative by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and People's Association (PA) partnered with APT811 with a mission to get young Singaporeans ready as they transit from student to professional life.

Given the complex subject matter, the teams set out to learn about how young Singaporeans consume information and react to the idea of an all-encompassing platform. Over the course of four months, APT811 developed several concepts through a lean process involving A/B testing and behavioural observation of approximately 200 youths.

Development of concepts for A/B testing

Across the youth category, more people use Facebook and Instagram than any other platform. Feeling better connected with the aesthetics on Snapchat and Facebook videos, raw graphics primarily show authenticity and spontaneity. This insight prompted the design of two types of design direction: bright colours with raw graphics and darker shades.

So how to invite this young demographic to hop on the platform? Design an accessible way to meet them wherever they are: online and their phones. APT811 supported the steering committee in creating a new name, brand identity and experience focused on positivity and spontaneity.

Further research and prototyping efforts led to the design of Todo Todo, a name that reflects the support for youth – one can find out what you want to do, what you have to do, and learn from what others have had to do.

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