Singapore Polytechnic Engineering

A new way to showcase engineering to youths

Re-defined the SP Engineering brand through an innovative engagement programme.
Changing the perception of engineering for Singapore's most established engineering institute.
A campaign that improved the way prospective students viewed SP Engineering courses.

Singapore Polytechnic has been the leading tertiary education institute in Singapore. Many leading engineering professionals received their training from there. Singapore Polytechnic is well known for their strong foundation in engineering and strong engineering alumni.

In recent years, the sign-up rate for engineering diplomas was becoming unpopular among youths due to the perception of monotonous career choices.

Designers interviewed existing engineering students, recent graduates and alumni. Two key insights that lead to the final design: Students chose to be engineers as it is known to be a stable career choice, often advised by family and school teachers. They came to Singapore Polytechnic Engineering with varied levels of expectations, mostly unsure about making the course their first choice.

To address these needs, the design team and open house committee created an experience together, focused on welcoming, guiding and supporting visitors through an expo-like event. Capturing the mood and aspirations people had of the marvel of engineering.

Through this branded experience, visitors got to experience the prestige and marvel in the field of engineering, dispelling the prevailing view of engineering being a dry and technical industry.

The result appealed to visitors, staff and students. For that year, most engineering diplomas were chosen as their first choice with the lowest cut-off points among the five local polytechnic institutes.

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