Launching a dog treat startup

Designing strategies for a startup that redefines how dog owners feed their pooches healthy treats.
To establish Pawfact as a champion for healthy dog treats by creating an innovative and differentiated experience.
A refined brand vision, strategy, and identity across online and offline channels, unique packaging identity, as well as a website with online store.

Many dogs are often considered part of the family. This mindset led to us discovering the unarticulated desires for dog owners to splurge on human-like luxuries for their pets. However, treats often fed to dogs contain ingredients and chemical compounds that may harm the dog’s health in the long run.

Noticing the lack of awareness among most dog owners, Pawfact had a mission to educate dog owners on the importance of healthy canine diets, thus the development of natural gluten free and human grade dog treats.

The study of the saturated dog treats market and dog owners revealed one key insight: Dog owners long for their dog to experience what they enjoy, from spa treatments to birthday parties. 

APT811 worked closely with Pawfact on naming the products after popular drinks, cakes and local dishes. The result was a range of products that individually evokes a positive emotion related to the product name, allowing dogs also to experience the simple pleasures of their owner's lives.

Through an understanding of their goals and a competitor analysis, it uncovered the business’ need for a holistic brand experience. As the brand focused on educating owners about healthy canine diets, Pawfact hopes that it would lead to happier dogs. And who doesn’t like happy dogs?!

The recent launch of their latest meat product during a PetExpo event was sold out on the first day. This success leads Pawfact to innovate and develop new meat flavours named after local dishes.

“APT 811 goes above and beyond any traditional Singaporean design agency…they have helped shape my business by being passionate about my brand.”

- Yan Tan, Founder, Pawfact:
‍Bak Kut Teh inspired Pork and Wolfberry dog treats
Inspired by the Red Velvet cake, this treat contains antioxidants.
It's not quite omakase, but this is a sampler pack with all of Pawfact's flavours
Team Pawfact during a pop-up sales event

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