Asian Creative Industries Alliance

Launching a Singapore Pavillion

Designing a platform to promote Singapore's Design in China
Help ACIA, an organisation promoting inter-government design related collaboration, develop a unique Singapore experience for an international expo held in Hangzhou.
Innovation Island, an exhibition that showcases the best of Singapore design & innovation.

Singapore, the red dot in South-East Asia, has been a creative and innovative force for the past 50 years. Many Singaporean designers have made us proud by flying the country’s flag overseas.

To celebrate that, Asian Creative Industries Alliance (ACIA), an organisation promoting collaboration between China and Singapore, approached APT811 for help in creating an innovative, differentiated, and Singapore-themed experience for the Singapore Pavilion at the 2015 Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo. 

Together, they created Innovation Island, a showpiece to trumpet Singapore's design industry to China through a centrepiece display of varying heights that forms the shape of Singapore.

Innovation Island is more than just an array of design products - it's also a place where visitors can experience Singapore's approach to design challenges, accompanied with local food giving an introduction to what the city-state has to offer.

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