CVista HR

Making Human Resource approachable

Helping a human resource startup forge stronger relationships with clients
Shift client perception of CVistaHR from a typical HR firm into a trusted and approachable source for human resource related needs.
A refined brand vision, strategy, internal 3-step methodology, and identity across online channels.
Design of responsive site

Companies can grow fast especially when managed well and deliver excellent products and services; this sudden growth requires positions to be filled quickly and often can be challenging for employers. The process of hiring the right person can be overwhelming and may result in penalties associated with errors in human resource management.

The logo of CVista HR is meant to look like a signature, the lack of edges in the logo makes it approachable and yet professional

A small startup called CVista HR had a mission to make this process easier. With the goal of connecting the right people to the right business, CVista HR and APT811 worked together to define the company's innate abilities, strength and opportunities to act on.

The result was an internal 3-step methodology that understands both business and candidates' needs for a good fit, streamlining the process of connecting potential employers and employees.

CVista HR's 3 Step Methodology

Part of CVista HR's unique identity was an iconic bear mascot; they are warm, sturdy, grounded yet confident. As a company that aims to connect people, the bear's approachable appearance played a huge part in the choice of animal. After all, when you meet with problems, you know that you can always rely on the bear.

Ultimately, CVista HR is not just about the number of placements done; it's about providing meaningful insights to help their clients make the right HR decisions.

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