Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)

Bringing the Navy experience to the shores of Vivocity

Creating an advertising campaign
Design a new campaign for the Navy to connect with the Singapore public.
A branded event that enabled the public to connect with the men and women of the Navy. Communication materials created across online and offline transit media.

The impact:

Across the four-day event, a total number of visitors increased 19.6% compared to 2014, 608,637 Facebook live views, >2k mentions of #navyatvivo on Twitter. Garnered interest from the public to purchase miniature ships for collection. 


The Republic of Singapore Navy(RSN) safeguards Singapore's territorial waters against sea-borne threats and protection of its sea lines of communication. Navy@Vivo was first initiated back in 2012 to reach out to public, connecting with the public in hopes to educate them more about what the Navy does. 

With Navy@Vivo running the third year at Vivocity, the Singapore Navy was looking for a new way to stay relevant to this generation. Together, the Singapore Navy and APT811 partnered communication students of Singapore Polytechnic to collaborate on a solution. APT811 led the early research, conceptual strategy development of the project with assistance from the students, executing the project in just three months. 

After 30 rounds of face-to-face interviews with parents and young adults, the team uncovered what motivates them to attend an event organised by the Singapore Navy at Vivocity. One critical insight stood out from all interviews: The public acknowledges the presence and importance of the Navy, however, feel disconnected from the impact they have on their lives.

It was imperative for the design team to develop a concept with imagery and copy that highlights how Singapore's maritime force is not something 'distant' but very much part of our everyday lives. The resulting concept combines three key visual elements to deliver the message: a miniature naval vessel, Vivocity shopping mall and weekend activities.

A series of 3 advertisements
Graphics at Harbourfront MRT station guided visitors to the event

After the launch of the online Facebook campaign, it was well received; the miniature naval vessels even garnered interest from the public asking to purchase them for collection.

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